Certified Translation

Language misunderstandings occur within the commercial relations among countries. Individuals from different countries can provide the necessary understandings more or less in their business trips or holidays by the virtue of English which is a national language. However, complete translation of documents is required in order to understand the contracts to be made for the business partnerships. In this regard, interpreters who are making certified translations and assisting companiess, are the ones who can speak the target language as their mother tongue.

Individuals who perform each and every document without disrupting the flow them, deliver those documents in a short time period and they provide the establishment of business partnerships. Individuals that work for the translation bureaus provide professional services with respect to German, French, Italian, Arabic, French and Turkish translation. Individuals that translate all kinds of documents such as diplomas, medical reports, legal documents, passport and visa documents, user manual of each purchased product and certficate of warranty which are taken abroad, offers prices specific to each language.

In addition prices that vary according to the professionalism of the interpreters also vary depending on the quality of services they provide and the level of their education. Each certified Turkish translation made by the certified translators are made ready for the notary confirmation and they are delivered to their owners. Now, each and every document that was prepared safely and without any fault can be delivered to the required instiutions without any fear.

Interpereters also provide the assitance necessary for the applications and interviews of the students which is especially required for their overseas education. Likewise, significant information and diplomas received by the students who have completed their schools, can be understood after being subjected to the translation of interpreters who are dominant in the target languange. Each kinds of documents do not require a sworn translation. This type of translation which is made for all of the legal documents is also made to the high school and university diplomas belong to the education as we mentioned before and it is made for a number of individual documents as well such as birth certificate and etc.

In order to avoid troubles in this specific type of translation which is requested by the state departments and universities, translation must be performed by professional sworn translators. In our country, there are a number of procedures to be adopted for this kind of translation. The authenticity of the documents is very important, the document must be flawlessly translated and it must be confirmed by the notary in the end. This work is a little sophisticated and the ratio of mistake is zero, in the end individuals or companies face no problem. In this regard, there are numerous sworn translators who come to the help of workplaces and individuals.

These experts have been working for the translation offices, and they put forward the service quality in the sector with the quality of translations they made by the virtue of those specific languages they are able to speak. Each interpreter that gains the satisfaction of the clients, develop himself/ herself by conducting researches for making flawless translations and becoming the best.

We provide high quality Notary Certified Translation Services. Increasing trade relations between countries are causing language disputes. Thanks to the national language of English, people from different countries can provide less than necessary agreements on business trips and holidays. However, in order to understand the contracts in the partnerships to be done, complete translation of the documents is required. Interpreters who are in charge of sworn translations in this regard are those who have a certain experience and who speak like their native language to translate.

Those who realize each document without breaking the flow with its true meaning, will deliver the documents in a very short time to establish business partnerships. The persons who are working under the translation agencies are offering professional services in German translation, French translation, Italian translation, Arabic translation, French translation and Turkish translation. Foreign language translators such as diplomas, health reports, legal documents, passports and visa procedures, manuals for each product purchased, and warranty documents are available at all language-specific prices.

Also, the prices that are changing according to the professionalism of interpreters vary according to the level of interpreters’ education and the quality of the services they offer. Each sworn translations that sworn translators have made are made ready for notarial approval and handed over to their owners. Each document prepared safely and without errors can now be delivered without fear to the necessary places abroad or in the country.

The applicants and interpreters are required to provide necessary assistance for their overseas training, which is particularly demanded by the students. In the same way, it is understood that what is written on the documents is translated by the important information and diplomas sent to the students who have finished the school and translated by the language interpreters. All kinds of documents do not require certified translation. This type of translation, which will be made to the whole of legal documents, also has a number of personal documents such as birth certificates as well as high school and university diplomas belonging to the education we have just mentioned.

Professional interpreters need to be involved in order to avoid the problem of this special translation, which is especially requested by government departments and universities. There are a number of procedures in place in our country for the acceptance of this translation standard. The authenticity of the documents is very important, the translated document must be accurate and complete with the translated document and notarized by it. It is even zero in this somewhat elaborate work, and as a result, individuals or companies are faced with no problems. Today, there are countless sworn interpreters who come to the rescue of business people and individuals.

These specialists, who are working in the translation bureaus, demonstrate their service qualities in the sector with the quality of the translations they have made thanks to these specific languages. Every interpreter who is gaining customer satisfaction develops himself by doing researches to make the best and correct translations.

What is the Certified Translation?

For the affidavit of translation, the relevant document must be made by an interpreter who has taken the oath in the presence of a notary public, and must also be approved by this interpreter. If the relevant translation is approved by the translation agency to which the interpreter is affiliated, the sworn translation will be realized. Although the documents translated in this way are accepted by many institutions, some institutions and organizations may also request notarized translation, which is a more formal translation. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to ask which translations the translation agency is entitled to.

How to Make a Certified Translator Approval?

Let me explain this through an example: After the translation of a document from English into Turkish, the interpreter writes or stamps a note on the document: “I confirm that I have translated this document from English into Turkish in accordance with the original document.” or “This document has been translated from English into English by me.” and the interpreter signs the name by writing his name.

This translation process is completed with the “Sworn Translation” cachet which will be signed by hitting its own cachet and also shot on the document.

It is the translation service required for the purpose of providing the availability of official documents that you need in all official proceedings in all corporations. For this reason, these translations which should definitely be impeccable are controlled by at least two translators. Some of the documents are as follows:

Identity Card
Marriage Certificate
Trade Register Entry
Tax Registration Certificate
Certificate of Commencement
Certificate & Transcript
Court Judgement
Power of Attorney
Authorized Signatures List
Contracts and other Official Documents
The sworn translators are specified by laws. These translators certificated and given certificate of oath by notary affirm sworn translations with their own signatures.

Notary certified translations are translations done by our sworn translators and also they are confirmed by notary public. This kind of documents are translated within the framework of rules laid down by laws and submitted to the approval of notary after the signature of the translator.

Your notary public approval processes are fulfilled by ourselves and the price of notary processes concerns the client.

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