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As is known, notarized translations are done by the notary certified translators who have taken the certificate of oath from the notary public. Some institutions accept certified/sworn translations approved by the translation agency, while others require notarized Turkish translation. Likewise, institutions abroad require notarized translation in the same way. Of course, for the notarized translation to be valid abroad, approval of the apostille, approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and approval of the embassy / consulate of the relevant country are also required.

It is difficult to say a clear thing about the notarized translation prices. Because the notary accounts for a few criteria in the calculation. For example, the notarization fee for small documents such as a diploma, ID or passport varies between 110 TL and 150 TL (only notarization) in Turkey. However, if there is a lot of letters on the translation page to be notarized, the notarization price is also increasing. If a page contains approximately 1000 to 1500 characters (letters), the notarization fee is up to 150 TL. The notarization cost of a page can reach up to 400 TL depending the number of words in a page. For example, a full page transcript will cost around 200 to 290 TL for notarization. In addition to these, the number of papers is also effective in calculating the translation notarization price. Printing on two sheets of paper, leaving behind a 2-page post, will increase the notarization fee. However, if these two pages are printed in front of and behind the paper, the notarization fee will be more affordable.

Although the standard notarization prices are the same everywhere in Turkey, notarized translation prices may change from notary to notary. For this reason, it is important that the translation agency, which will make your translation notarized, must convince the notary public that you should compress your translator on as few paper as possible and make an appropriate price.

When calculating character for the approval of notary certified translation, a compromise calculation is made for documents other than standard documents. As a result, notaries are also pricing at the highest possible level, as some of these translation offices get money from the approval process, while others are helping to decrease prices for citizens.

Overall, notarization prices in Turkey are creating a burden for each sector and is higher prices. Because, a local firm wishing to enter the tender in a foreign country has to translate all the tender documents and get notarization approval. This causes the cost of notarization to be increased from 10 thousand TL to 100.000 TL even more. Although the notary approval fees for 2019 are the same as above, these prices will change in the coming year and the notarization approval prices for 2020 will be increased and higher wages will be issued.

It will be useful for you to choose notaries and certified translation offices that can offer you reasonable prices, especially for notarized translation prices.

The cities with the most notary approved translation needs are Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. The translation needs of these cities are also in line with the economy and population. When the persons who want to make a notary approved translation in Ankara communicate with the relevant translation agency, the translation agency completes all their transactions and delivers the official document approved by the notary public.

The notarized translation process in Istanbul is also the same. The translation made by the certified translator will be delivered to the customer after approval by the notary public. If the client wishes to do so, s/he can do so in the notary public. However, every notary public does not approve this translation. Because there is one or more notaries in which each translator and translation agency is registered. For this reason, you can also do this yourself by notarizing that only the translator has taken the certificate of oath and the translation agency is also registered.

Notary approved translation fees are almost the same in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. However, in some notaries, very exorbitant figures can be offered to customers. For this reason, it would be of benefit for you to choose a translation agency, as we have mentioned above, that will protect your rights and will take care of the most appropriate fees for you.

There is a difference between sworn translation and notarized translation, both of which are in the form of approved translations:
The sworn translation is done by the approval of a translator & interpreter who takes the certificate of oath from the notary and the translating office to which the translator & interpreter belongs. In other words, in the sworn/certified translation document given to you, only the interpreter and translator’s office has a stamp and a signature. Such translations are accepted by many institutions.

However, some official institutions accept a more formal translation: Notarized translation. In this translation process, in addition to the transactions in the sworn translation process, the relevant translation document is also approved by the notary public. Of course, in this case, the above mentioned notarization fees will be revealed. In this case, it is a good idea to know exactly which translation method the translation agency accepts.

Foreign institutions that accept sworn translations often say this on pages: Certified translation, sworn translation, translation must be done by a sworn translator.
Foreign institutions that accept a notarized translation also usually state this on their pages as follows: Notarized translation, translation must be notarized from notary public.

As Metropolitan Certified Translation Agency, we provide sworn / certified and notarized translation services in all languages. The main languages ​​we serve are: English notarized translation, German notarized translation, Arabic notarized translation, French notarized translation, Spanish notarized translation, Italian notarized translation, Portuguese notarized translation, Russian notarized translation, Azeri notarized translation , Czech Notarized translation, Persian notarized translation, Chinese notarized translation, Japanese notarized translation, Turkmen notarized translation, Slovak notarized translation, Slovenian notarized translation, Polish notarized translation, Korean notarized translation. You can contact us for our notary certified translation service to be delivered on the same day in all the above languages.

YOK Equivalency Transactions

Universities abroad (undergraduate or graduate) for people who get their diplomas and graduate education in Turkey is required to apply the equivalence process in the Higher Education Council. Documents required for these procedures are available at YOK’s site. We perform all the necessary procedures for a notarized translation of approved transcripts showing course hours / credits and course grades, including diplomas between required documents and all courses taken during Higher Education. You can obtain price information by sending us a scanned version of your documents for notary approved translation. Depending on the number of your documents, the notarization and translation fees of your documents to be translated for equivalence may vary. For example, the translation fee of 1 diplomas with preliminary background is around 30 – 60 TL according to language, while the notary approval fee is between 110 TL and 130 TL. The transcripts and diplomas and the notarization fee are calculated according to the number of pages. Once all your transactions have been completed, the scanned version of your equivalence papers that have been notarized will be mailed to you and then shipped to your address.

MG Metropol Group Inc.’s base prices for translation in 2020 are given in the table below. These prices are valid for jobs over 50 thousand characters (25 pages) and you can contact us for our net price information via the contact information.

Translation Languages Translation Unit Prices Per Word
English Translation Prices 0,15 TL
German Translation Prices 0,17 TL
French Translation Prices 0,17 TL
Arabic Translation Prices 0,20 TL
Russian Translation Prices 0,20 TL
Albanian Translation Prices 0,25 TL
Amharic Translation Prices 0,40 TL
Azerice Translation Prices 0,30 TL
Belarusian Translation Prices 0,20 TL
Basque Translation Prices 0,20 TL
Bosnian Translation Prices 0,20 TL
Bulgarian Translation Prices 0,20 TL
Czech Translation Prices 0,25 TL
Chinese Translation Prices 0,25 TL
Danish Translation Prices 0,25 TL
Estonian Translation Prices 0,30 TL
Persian Translation Prices 0,20 TL
Dutch Translation Prices 0,20 TL
Finnish Translation Prices 0,30 TL
Georgian Translation Prices 0,25 TL
Hindi Translation Prices 0,35 TL
Croatian Translation Prices 0,25 TL
Dutch Translation Prices 0,25 TL
Hebrew Translation Prices 0,35 TL
Spanish Translation Prices 0,25 TL
Italian Translation Prices 0,20 TL
Swedish Translation Prices 0,30 TL
Icelandic Translation Prices 0,25 TL
Irish Translation Prices 0,25 TL
Japanese Translation Prices 0,50 TL
Kyrgyz Translation Prices 0,50 TL
Korean Translation Prices 0,50 TL
Polish Translation Prices 0,50 TL
Luxembourgish Translation Prices 0,50 TL
Lithuanian Translation Prices 0,50 TL
Hungarian Translation Prices 0,50 TL
Maltese Translation Prices 0,50 TL
Macedonian Translation Prices 0,50 TL
Moldovan Translation Prices 0,50 TL
Norvegian Translation Prices 0,50 TL
Nepali Translation Prices 0,50 TL
Ottoman Translation Prices 0,50 TL
Uzbek Translation Prices 0,40 TL
Portuguese Translation Prices 0,40 TL
Romanian Translation Prices 0,40 TL
Serbian Translation Prices 0,40 TL
Slovene Translation Prices 0,40 TL
Slovak Translation Prices 0,40 TL
Syriac Translation Prices 0,40 TL
Tajik Translation Prices 0,40 TL
Turkmen Translation Prices 0,40 TL
Ukrainian Translation Prices 0,30 TL
Vietnamese Translation Prices 0,40 TL
Greek Translation Prices 0,30 TL

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