About Us


Cross-cultural communications have become one of the most required issues in the globalised world. This requirement is supplied by translators who have the command of both languages and cultures as written or oral. However, this kind of communication requires not only cross-language, but also the cross cultural accumulation of knowledge in the background and the specialization in related areas. For this reason, this doesn’t mean that knowing a language will provide a qualified translation of that language.

Since 2002, Metropolitan Translation has been providing high quality translation services to its clients with professional translators in their own fields in accordance with the demand of the clients. As we are conscious of how our work is based on a delicate balance, we pay the same strict attention to all of our works without regarding to the extent of translations as from 1 page to 1000 pages, from 1 minute to 1 month and from ordinary translations to technical translations of the most sensitive devices. Because, we believe that translation is the indicator of our quality, the text you use is the indicator of your quality. We serve at institutional and professional level, therefore quality is our priority. We are dedicated to provide you the best quality translation sevices.