Legal Translation

Legal translation contains power of attorney, authorised signature lists, court judgements, criminal records, title deed, contracts, registry records and other official documents. By the fact that Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, Persian and France words are used greatly in legal documents, this kind of translations require specialization in different fields.

Legal documents translated especially by translators who are specialized in their fields and having the command of legal terms are also controlled by at least two translators and submitted to you as our valuable clients in a qualified and impeccable shape.

Although legal translation seems to be limited in the field in which it operates, it is very important in the translation of documents and documents created especially in judicial cases and cases. Our country needs services in the field of legal interpretation because of the multitude of tourism potentials and also the number of citizens who are connected to abroad.

The Turkish legal translation has a special terminology due to its content. If the language structure is used, the meaning and content of the words used require a special knowledge and experience. Therefore, if the interpreter does not have legal translation and has not mastered the terminology of legal translation, if he / she makes a mistake in the task of undertaking this area, he / she may face great difficulties and may also cause problems to his customers. The mistakes to be made in this regard are vital. It certainly is a field that does not forgive mistakes. While it is possible to correct mistakes in many different types of translation, legal translation does not remove mistakes. Therefore, the translation agency and the translator who works should check the translation after completing the legal translation. After the editorial check, the customer should be delivered. It should not be forgotten that the client signs the documents and the irrevocable point is passed from then on.

At the beginning of documents that come to mind when it comes to legal translations, there are representatives, court orders, declarations, case files, local and international legislation. Apart from these documents, patent applications, documents of judicial cases and so on. documents are also available. As the document and content franchise is so wide, the interpreter who undertakes legal translation has to have separate experience in each type of document.

When we look at the economic system, legal translation is especially important for companies that carry out import and export activities. Translation of inter-company or interpersonal representation and the interlocution of these translations at the primary level in judicial organs is of the essence of the legal translator. In this context, the slightest mistake to be made on the text can lead to inter-company exploits, which can turn the interpreter into feedback in such a crisis.

As we have mentioned as Metropolitan Translation Services in Turkey, we are aware of this heavy responsibility and great pleasure from his job to serve you with our utmost to care about the legal translation that experienced translators.

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