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We encounter with translation in literature, medicine, science and many other fields an it is frequently encountered in the field of law as well. Legal translation: sum of oral or written translations that are made to actualize legal info exchange among the people of different languages. ( subject of this information is either law or act) Following subjects are included in the scope of the legal translation; law articles, legal negotiations, power of attorney, decisions of the court, warning, notification, letter of guarantee, petition, diploma, passport, deed. Turkish legal translation should be made by a translator who is expertised in legal field or who has taken trainings in this respect, because information accumulation is required as well as language knowledge in this respect, otherwise mistakes that will be made in such translations can lead to serious outcomes which may cause major complications.

Making a legal translation brings out some difficitulties. It is necessary for the translator to have a certain knowledge. Source text is orgnanized according to another country’s legal system and the text in target language will be subjected to a different legal system, thus in order to use it in this system, appropriate words and terms must be used in this text and those words and terms must be selected by the translator.

Ther might be disconnections between the languages, therefore if an absence or equivalence between the source text and target language can’t be found, translator will consider the language differences and deficit of words, and use the similar structures among two languages and he/she will choose the terms that will give the closest meaning and he/ she must bridge these gaps among two diffrent systems. Words that have more than a single meaning or that will create ambiguity should not be used, instead of them legal terms must be preferred more widely. Following the completion of translation, proofreading must be done by a lawyer. Possible errors must be diligently reduced to zero not to the minimum and words that may create confusion must be avoided.

The individual who will make the legal translation must have a knowledge in both languages and the legal system of both languages. Legal translator who is supposed to know the language of law and act must avoid mistake and complete the translation while being aware of the seriousness of the issue. One-to-one translations made in the legal field may cause major mistakes. For this reason it is important for these translations to be made by people who knows the laws and who can interpret them.

While a translator is understanding and interpreting a legal law, he/ she should understand the underlying meaning of the law and must transmit the most accurate meaning to his/ her translation. In case of inter-language disconnections and sometimes when the words don’t have a correspondence in the target language, translator should do his/ her best and prepare the most accurate translation, in addition should give notes about the subject as a fııter and terms should be explained by him/ her. In general legal translations are given to people capable of foreign languages who receive a law training, because legal rules and development processes should be known well for two languages if the subject requires a legal translation. Therefore, these translations require a great care.

Legal translation is the type of translation that is most demanded among the translation services and should be performed with great care. The interpreter who will do the legal translation should be competent and knowledgeable in this area. The professional translator interpreter within the scope of Ankara Translation and Interpretation Agency will serve the clients in the field of legal translation. Do not waste your time trying to get good interpreting services, the Translation Chamber will take care of you with any kind of translation work, including legal translation for you ..

Due to its legal translation structure, it is a kind of translation having a special jargon and terms. For this reason, interpreters who are not familiar with various concepts and do not reflect their meaning correctly will hardly put your business into difficulty. As Ankara Translation Bureau we offer accurate and complete translation service with legal and professional sworn translator cadres.

Areas We Provide Legal Translation Services
Legal translation, both experienced as well as execution by the interpreter needs to judge the legal term translated alanıdır.kapsaml with being a translation service in Turkey from all cities and abroad by contacting us you want to receive information or services related to legal translation documents or files The services we provide for legal translations are;

Translating court decisions
Contract translation
Translation of patent applications
Translation of law and regulation
Translation of court decisions
Translation of a warning
Translating the results of divorce cases
Notice translation
We provide services such as translation of judicial cases.
We also provide interpreting services in the field of legal translation. In the field of simultaneous and successive translation, we always provide the best and high quality translation services as legal translation agency.

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Turkish Legal Translation
English Legal Translation
French Legal Translation
German Legal Translation
Spanish Legal Translation
Arabic Legal Translation
Turkish Legal Translation
Chinese Legal Translation
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Most Affordable Legal Translation Prices
You can get the most suitable quotation by sending the documents or files you want to apply to legal translation services to the Metropolitan Legal Translation Bureau. The price may vary depending on the content of the document or text you send, the number of pages or the quality of the document. With the prices starting from 15 TRY, you can get information by calling, emailing or WhatsApp application by phone to get the translation service.

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You can contact us 24/7 for any kind of document you need in the field of legal translation. Metropolian Translation Office is ready to provide services to its customers at all hours of the day with the help of certified translators who have legal education and working on shift system with our offices in Ankara and Istanbul.

Legal Translation
The legal translation work is a serious translation work. The smallest mistake can cause your work to be prolonged and inconvenient. After the interpreters of the Translation Room have completed the translation work, the file which is taken to the editor’s approval is delivered to you after the confirmation from here. If you are looking for a reliable address in translating your important documents, contact us.