Certified Translation

We provide high quality Notary Certified Translation Services.

It is the translation service required for the purpose of providing the availability of official documents that you need in all official proceedings in all corporations. For this reason, these translations which should definitely be impeccable are controlled by at least two translators. Some of the documents are as follows:

Identity Card
Marriage Certificate
Trade Register Entry
Tax Registration Certificate
Certificate of Commencement
Certificate & Transcript
Court Judgement
Power of Attorney
Authorized Signatures List
Contracts and other Official Documents
The sworn translators are specified by laws. These translators certificated and given certificate of oath by notary affirm sworn translations with their own signatures.

Notary certified translations are translations done by our sworn translators and also they are confirmed by notary public. This kind of documents are translated within the framework of rules laid down by laws and submitted to the approval of notary after the signature of the translator.

Your notary public approval processes are fulfilled by ourselves and the price of notary processes concerns the client.

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